Wangerin / Węgorzyno

Węgorzyno Wangerin

The town hall, church, and school in Węgorzyno (Wangerin), c.1918.

Some images from our picture archive of the small town of Węgorzyno (former: Wangerin) in Zachodniopomorskie, western Poland.

wangerin wegorzyno pommern

Kurzestrasse, Wangerin in Pommern, now, Ulica Zawadzkiego in Wegorzyno, Zachoniopomorskie, c.1930.

Some interesting facts connected with Węgorzyno:
- Before 1945 Węgorzyno was called Wangerin and part of Pommern in Germany.
- In 1945 the German population fled advancing Soviet troops or were expelled.
- Poles from what was Poland and is now western Ukraine moved in to the area.

wangerin wegorzyno zachodniopomorskie

An old Nazi-era picture postcard of the lake in Wegorzyno (Wangerin), Zachodniopomorskie, c.1936.

More trivia and facts on Węgorzyno:
- Wegorzyno has a railway station and trains can be caught to such places as Chojnice, Szczecin and Szczecinek.
- Probably the most interesting building in Wegorzyno is the mid 18th century Church of the Assumption. It suffered heavy damage at the end of the Second World War but has in recent years been splendidly restored.
- The economy of the town and nearby villages is now largely based on tourism. The main attraction being Lake Wegorzyno, which has its own marina.

wangerin wegorzyno poland

An aerial photograph of the centre of Wegorzyno (Wangerin), c.1941.

And finally you might be interested to learn that the population of Węgorzyno is currently just under 3,000.


An old photograph of the lake in Węgorzyno, Zachodniopomorskie, Poland, c.1965.

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