Where Poles Lived in 1918

poland map 1918

A 1918 / 1919 map of part of Central Europe. Areas that were to have plebiscites are marked.

Two maps showing where Poles lived in 1918

Here is a rather fine map published in the immediate post-First-World-War period. The map, marked by areas in red, shows the areas where more than 50% of the population were Poles or had declared themselves as Polish. This is a Polish map and one should be aware that similar maps produced by German publishers tend to differ, especially in regard to what became known as the ‘Polish corridor’ to the Baltic Sea.

poland 1918

A map showing the distribution of Poles at the end of World War One. Source: Geograficzno-Statystyczny Atlas Polski. Published in Lwów in 1921.

To see the map at full size click here. It is though a huge file so be patient if you have a slow internet connection.

The sort of information contained in maps such as this was used in drawing the borders of a newly independent Poland. The figures used to compile this map were drawn it is stated from various Polish documents dating from 1914 to early 1920 and the census of 1919.

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