White Storks Nest

storks nest

A white storks nest in the village of Santok, near Gorzów, Lubuskie, western Poland.

Two photographs of White Storks nesting. Both pictures snapped from the car on a shopping trip to a nearby large Tesco supermarket this afternoon. Location: Lubuskie, Poland!

white storks nest

In this part of Poland most White Storks generally build their large nests from sticks high up on on purpose-built man-made platforms. Several other bird species can often be seen nesting within the large nests of the white stork. With house sparrows and starlings probably the most common birds we’ve seen sharing White Stork’s nests.

Most of the nests we drove past today were empty as many of the White Storks in these parts are just beginning their migration south for the winter. In a week or so most storks will have left Poland for sub-Saharan Africa and won’t return to Poland again until the beginning of April.

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One thought on “White Storks Nest

  1. Lubuskie

    A couple of years back a stork arrived in Poland with an arrow through it. It had been shot at for food in Africa but managed to fly all the way back to Poland to breed.

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