Władysław Gomułka

Władysław Gomułka


Władysław Gomułka on the cover of Time magazine in December 1956.

Władysław Gomułka was born on the 6th February 1905 in Krosno and from humble origins became a leading Polish communist politician. Gomulka was minister of the ‘Recovered Territories’ (the lands acquired from Germany at the end of World War Two) from 1945 until 1948, and de facto leader of Poland from 1956 until his retirement from political life in 1970.

Gomułka is perhaps best known for his central role in the negotiating of the Oder-Neisse border treaty between Poland and West Germany, which was signed in 1970; and his part in the death of several dozen workers who were shot during demonstrations just prior to his resignation. He was replaced by Edward Gierek who took over the Party leadership. Gomulka died in September 1982 of lung cancer.

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