Wolsztyn Railway Station

Polish Railways Wolsztyn, Poland.

A large Polish Railways steam locomotive and railbus waiting at the railway station in Wolsztyn, Poland.”

Wolsztyn is the location of a large locomotive roundhouse, which is the last such place in Europe to supply steam locomotives for regular, timetabled train services on a national railway network. These mainline services run from the station in Wolsztyn to Leszno and Zbąszynek and also to Grodzisk Wielkolpolski and Poznan.

wolsztyn railway station

A new railbus run by Wielkopolskie local railways at the station in Wolsztyn, Poland.

Attached to the Wolsztyn railway shed is a railway museum featuring restored carriages and locomotives and railwayana and offering a variety of souvenirs for sale. Accommodation is also available!

Polish State Railways also organise an annual ‘parade’ of locomotives, which takes place at the start of May. Here’s a short film of one of these super events. Click on the arrow above to play.

Polish steam locomotive

A picture of a class Ol49 2-6-2 steam engine at Wolsztyn this week. This train is headed to Grodzisk and Poznan.

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