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I was driving on the country road from Skwierzyna to Bledzew in the far west of Poland early this morning and what did I spot? A wolf! Large, grey, and bushy tailed! It ran right across the road in front of the car from one part of the forest to another. Too big for a dog. Most definitely a wild wolf.

wolf poland

A postage stamp issued by the Polish Post Office in 1985 featuring a Polish Wolf.

This is the first time I have seen a wild wolf in the province of Lubuskie, but, there have been several news reports over recent months of multiple wolf sightings in the extensive forests of the far west of Poland.

A hunter friend tells me that there are growing populations of wild wolves living in the nearby Notecka and Rzepin forests and the area I saw my wolf in was the natural path for wolves travelling between the two forests. He added that the forests contain plenty of fox, red and roe deer, and wild boar for any wolves living there to eat – and that they have been known to attack and eat domestic cats and dogs that stray in to the forest.

An exciting sight and a location I will investigate further. My Mother-in-law, however, tells me that she won’t be wandering around alone in that part of the forest looking for mushrooms any time soon!

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