Wronke / Wronki

wronke wronki

An old picture postcard comprising of three different pictures of Wronke / Wronki, c.1909.

Three images from our archive for the town of Wronke / Wronki, Wielkopolskie, Poland.

wronke warthestadt wronki

An old postcard of the Railway station in Wronke / Wronki / Warthestadt in 1941.

Some things you may not know about Wronki:
- The River Warthe (Warta) flows through Wronki.
- The pre-1918 German name for Wronki was Wronke.
- During the German occupation (1939 – 1945) Wronki was renamed Warthestadt.
- The largest prison in Poland is located in Wronki.
- The major European kitchen appliance manufacturer Amica have their headquarters in Wronki.
- Until its merger with Lech Poznan in 2006 Wronki did have a top level (Ekstraklasa) football team called Amica Wronki.
- The present-day population of Wronki is around 11,400.

wronki poland

A photograph of the technical school of building in Wronki, Wielkopolskie, Poland, c.1960.

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