Wuestewaltersdorf / Walim

walim Wustewaltersdorf schlesien

A steam train in Walim (Wustewaltersdorf) in the Owl Mountains, Lower Silesia (Schlesien), c.1921.

Old images of the railway line and station in and around Walim (former: Wuestewaltersdorf) in the Owl Mountains (Eulengebirge) in Lower Silesia.

Walim Wustewaltersdorf bahnhof

An electric powered train at the railway station in Walim (Wustewaltersdorf) just after the First World War.

In 1914, a railway line connecting Walim (Wüstewaltersdorf) to the village of Jugowice (Hausdorf). It was one of the first electrified railway lines in Central Europe. Unfortunately, the line was closed in 1959 and the track pulled up.

walim Wustewaltersdorf eulengebirge

The railway station in Walim (Wustewaltersdorf) in the Owl Mountains (Eulengebirge), c.1930.

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