Złotoryja Through Time

zlotoryja goldberg

A late 19th century lithographic picture postcard of Zlotoryja / Goldberg.

Here are a selection of images of the town of Złotoryja / Goldberg through time.

zlotoryja goldberg pl

A vintage image of the dolphin fountain in the Rynek area of Zlotoryja (Goldberg), c.1909.

Złotoryja is a town in Lower Silesia (dolnośląskie) in the south-west of Poland.

zlotoryja goldberg polen

An animated picture postcard of the Market Square (Rynek) in Zlotoryja / Goldberg in Silesia, c.1931.

Some things you may not know about Złotoryja:
- Prior to 1945 Złotoryja was called Goldberg and part of Germany.
- Gold and basalt was mined in the area from the middle ages through to the 1940s.
- The current population of Zlotoryja is around 15,000.

Złotoryja  poland

A communist-era photograph showing Blacksmith’s Tower in Pl. Reymonta Wladyslawa in Złotoryja, Poland, c.1969.

Blacksmith’s Tower shown in the photograph above was part of the 14th century defensive town walls.

Złotoryja silesia

An archive photograph of the Rynek in Złotoryja, Silesia, Poland. c.1974.

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