Zuk Van


The FSC Żuk (‘beetle’ in English) was a van and light truck produced in Lublin, Poland. And like the Nysa van the Zuk was based on the chassis, suspension, and engine from the FSO Warszawa. In total 587,000 Zuks were built between 1958 and when production ended in 1998.

zuk van

Zuk vans at an open-air market in south-west Poland in the late 1970s.

The Zuk was a favourite of farmers, and a common place to find groups of them was at any local market when they were used to transport crops from the fields to the farmers’ own stalls.

The Polish post office (Poczta Polska) also used large numbers of Żuks, and a number of local fire services used them as personnel carriers and mini fire engines.

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