zwierzyn Neu Mecklenburg nm

The half-timbered early 18th century church in Zwierzyn (Neu Mecklenburg N.M), c.1909.

Zwierzyn is a village in the Strzelce Krajeńskie / Drezdenko area of Lubuskie, western Poland.

zwierzyn Neu Mecklenburg

The village store in Zwierzyn (Neu Mecklenburg), near Friedeberg (Strzelce), c.1911.

Some random things you may not know about Zwierzyn:
- Prior to 1945 Zwierzyn was called Neu Mecklenburg and part of East Brandenburg / Neumark in Germany.
- The current population of Zwierzyn is around 1,300.
- The half-timbered and brick church in the village dates back to 1767.
- The postcode (zipcode) for Zwierzyn is 66-542.

zwierzyn neumecklenburg de

Another photograph of Ludwig Sprenger’s store in Zwierzyn (Neumecklenburg), c.1912.

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